Product development process

Maustepalvelu offers operational top expertise – product development in close cooperation with sales. Learn about our product development process.

Customer assignment / Maustepalvelu’s own idea

Projektin perustaminen ikoni
Starting a project

(description, manufacturing process, type of flavour, consumption estimate, timetable)

Tuotekohtaiset tiedot ikoni
Product-specific information

(raw materials, packaging, labour costs)

Tuotekehityskokeet ikoni
Product development tests

(test kitchen, test factory)

Näytelähetys asiakkaalle ikoni
Sending a sample to the customer
Palaute ikoni

We continue product development on the basis of customer feedback until the product is accepted and it is ready for production.

Tuotannollistaminen ikoni
Commercialisation of the product
Tuotteen hyväksyntä ikoni
Product approval

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