Our industry

Maustepalvelu provides a broad and diversified range of products packaged for serving according to individual customer requirements. The range includes solutions for the following product categories:


Additional resources for R&D

Maustepalvelu R&D serves the customer from start to finish. All work is based on the customer’s needs and objectives, and on the manufacturing process to be modified. Maustepalvelu assists both at the concept stage and in arranging industrial manufacturing of the finished foodstuff. Maustepalvelu also calls on its international connections for assistance in optimising the overall solution, and the company naturally plays close attention to the latest food trends.

Maustepalvelu can also simulate industrial manufacturing processes on a small scale in-house. Our pilot manufacturing plant can be used for testing various recipes by preparing small batches and adjusting the product characteristics to match the customer’s requirements. The pilot plant is also an ideal training location.

The best outcome is always achieved though long-term collaboration. Common experiences and continually growing expertise are resources that accelerate the R&D process.


Collaboration brings power to production

Working with Maustepalvelu reduces a customer’s need for in-house storage of raw materials. We manufacture agreed blends, pack them in individual packages and deliver them on time. Our modern ERP system manages blending and packaging lines designed for a wide range of product categories to realise a flexible MTO manufacturing process.

Maustepalvelu facilitates business transactions by taking responsibility for the entire raw material sourcing chain, including transportation, importing, forwarding and quality assurance. Customers also benefit from Maustepalvelu quantity purchasing discounts.

Swift and sure deliveries

Maustepalvelu is based in Hämeenlinna, Finland, with excellent connections to import harbours and customer establishments. Our modern loading and unloading facilities at this central location ensure that deliveries are swift, flexible and punctual.

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