Coconut oils supporting a ketogenic diet

Coconut oils supporting a ketogenic diet

In addition to its wide range of supplemental oils derived from coconuts, IOI Oleo is now introducing two new products to support a Ketogenic diet: WITARIX® MCT C8 and WITARIX® MCT C8 pure coconut.

A ketogenic diet, better known as a low-carb diet, is one that is characterised by an extremely low carbohydrate content and is very rich in fat. Due to the low level of carbohydrates, the body burns more fat as a new source of energy. This process is known as ketosis. Lasting weight loss can be achieved through balanced eating habits within a ketogenic diet together with the new products from IOI Oleo Nutrition. Both products provide a faster solution for a low-carb diet and perfectly complement their present ingredients portfolio for products aimed at food-conscious consumers.

About IOI Oleo

IOI Oleo GmbH is the German branch of IOI Oleochemicals Division, a leading European supplier of oleochemical specialties. In their two production sites in Witten and Wittenberge IOI Oleo produces MCT oils under the brand names MIGLYOL® and WITARIX®, which are widely employed as carriers for flavours and vitamins, as glazing and coating agents, as part of dietary and sport nutrition, in the manufacture of soft gel capsules and many other applications. Their DYNASAN® and WITOCAN® series, offer fats and oils of highest quality.

The individuality of tastes and the diversity of demands in food products require the right fat for each application, from hard fats for coatings to soft fats for achieving the right mouthfeel of toffees. IOI Oleo’s range of emulsifiers and food additives such as IMWITOR®, DYNACET® and TOFFIX® has been developed to cover a wide area of applications in nearly all food industries like the confectionary, convenience, bakery, and dairy industries, but are also found in beverages, pasta, processed fruits and chewing gums.

Nutritional Values Statement

WITARIX® MCT C8 / WITARIX® MCT C8 pure coconut

Unit Per 100 g
Energy Kcal 896
Protein (Nx6.25) %  < 0.10
Carbohydrate % 0.71
Fat % 99.20
Fibres % < 1.00
Salt mg/kg < 85.00
Sugar % < 0.10


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