Instant nutritious diet soup blends

Instant nutritious diet soup blends

Our food habits have high influence on our health. This awareness increases the demand for products that support a healthy lifestyle. At Barentz Food & Nutrition Solutions, a range of convenient instant diet soups has been developed that fit perfectly with a healthy lifestyle or a reduced calorie diet.

Meal replacing soups
In order to use claims for the food category ‘meal replacement for weight control’ the product must comply with the specific European Commission regulations. For example, a meal replacement product must provide at least a certain amount of nutrients per serving. This is all taken into account at the development of the meal replacement soups where you can replace one or two meals a day. They come in two versions: Vegan Meal Replacing Tomato Soup and Vegan Meal Replacing Green Bean Soup.

The nutritious vegan soups are well balanced with the necessary macro- and micronutrients per serving of 60g powder. One serving delivers 30% of the recom-mended amount of vitamins and minerals.

Furthermore, the soups are high in plant-based proteins and they provide a minimum of 6,6g of dietary fibre per serving which permits the use of the ‘high fibre’ claim. Both macros support the feeling of satiety after consumption. The soups contain natural vegetable powders and a fine selection of herbs and spices for a tasteful, savoury experience. Preparation is easy; simply mix the powder into 280 ml hot water.

Protein rich soups
When there is a need for a higher protein intake, the Food & Nutrition Solutions’ instant protein soups are suitable. Compared to a regular soup serving, the Vegan Protein Rich Curry Soup delivers 12g more protein. To use the nutritional claim ‘Protein Rich’, a minimum of 20% of the calories should come from the proteins; this soup delivers 29%.

Nowadays, not only professional sportsmen need extra protein but also the growing group of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. To compensate the dietary loss of high-quality animal proteins, more intake of plant-based proteins is required. If a non-vegan soup is preferred it is also possible to develop the soup with a base of milk proteins and/or collagen.

Enriched eldery soups
Last but not least, the new range of instant Elderly Soups has been developed specifically to prevent malnutrition or improve the health status of those who suffer from malnutrition. Because of the higher risk of insufficient protein indigestion in the elderly, the soups have a base of collagen with high biological value.

There are three gluten-free versions available: chicken, mushroom and green veggie. All are fortified with a specific vitamin/mineral premix to support the prevention of one of the following prevalent conditions in the elderly: Cognitive Decline, Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis.

The Elderly Soups are small sized, have a soft mouthfeel, an easy to swallow consistency and intense taste. All essential criteria adjusted to the needs of the elderly.

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