Pecan Deluxe: more than just nuts!

Pecan Deluxe: more than just nuts!

Pecan Deluxe have had many exciting additions to their portfolio. An example is an expansion on the cold extrusion offering with their new Cheesecake Pieces: supplied frozen, the cheesecake pieces are created from completely natural, clean label ingredients and provide both new flavour and texture opportunities across multiple applications. They are ideal for adding to ice cream and work well in conjunction with other ingredients such as biscuit pieces and sauces. The cheesecake pieces also perform well in numerous bakery applications such as brownies, muffins and cookies.

Pecan Deluxe also offer a new fashionable Red Velvet Spongeperfect for ice cream, desserts and chilled beverages. Combined with the Cheesecake Pieces, they create an authentic red velvet experience.

Another interesting product, completely new to the market, is the Bacon Flavoured Fudge that taps into the sweet/savoury trend, applicable from ice cream inclusions and toppings to sweet pizzas, cakes and even salads.

About Pecan Deluxe

Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe) Ltd was established in the UK in 1999 and is a fully owned UK subsidiary of the US based Pecan Deluxe Candy Company, a family owned business founded in 1950, with sister facilities in the US and Thailand. Their tailormade solutions include:

  • Cookie dough
  • Traditionally made flavoured fudges and sauce (all GF)
  • Praline Nuts
  • Moulded Chocolate Shapes
  • Sponge, Brownie and Biscuit Pieces
  • Chocolate Coated and Panned Products

The UK factory is fully BRC double-A grade and Halal accredited and can offer allergen segregation, as well as certification to various other standards including RSPO, UTZ, Fairtrade and Kosher.

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