Quinoa ingredients made from saponin free quinoa seeds

Quinoa ingredients made from saponin free quinoa seeds

Lately the application of ancient grains, such as quinoa and teff, in healthy food and beverages has sky-rocketed. Quinoa protein contains all eight essential amino acids, is gluten free and furthermore it has a low glycemic index. Its healthy characteristics, together with the fact that quinoa brings a natural source of flavor and texture, make it a very interesting ingredient for all food producers.

Barentz has recently collaborated with the Dutch company GreenFood50®, that offers an extensive range of quinoa ingredients. GreenFood50® has a close co-operation with leading international research organizations, such as WUR, Wageningen University & Research, a high-ranking university and research centre, focusing on the life sciences and natural resources fields. This ensures that the latest technologies and know-how are applied to the manufacturing of GreenFood50’s quinoa ingredients, guaranteeing excellent quality and nutrient values.

GreenFood50® quinoa ingredient portfolio includes:

  • Toasted Whole Quinoa Flour
  • Crushed Precooked Whole Quinoa
  • Precooked Whole Quinoa Flakes
  • Toasted Whole Quinoa Flakes
  • Whole Quinoa Crisps
  • Protein Rich Quinoa Flour >20%
  • Quinoa Starch

Quinoa ingredients can be applied in bakery products, cereals, healthy bars & snacks, sports nutrition, beverages, chocolate products, and in all kinds of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free products. They are also very suitable for food products for consumers with additional protein requirements such as athletes, babies, children, pregnant women and seniors. The proteins in GreenFood50® quinoa ingredients contain all essential amino acids in a natural balance with an amino acid score of 94%.

GreenFood50® quinoa portfolio has the following benefits:

  • Produced from saponin free quinoa seeds grown in the EU
  • High quality nutrients:
    • proteins, dietary fibers, omega 6/9 fatty acids, slow carbohydrates
    • folate (B9), vitamin E, iron, phosphor, magnesium and zinc
  • Strong functional benefits such as taste and texture
  • Easy to use in various applications
  • Free from gluten and other EU-14 allergens
  • Non-GMO, no additives, no preservatives
  • No pesticides applied on the seeds
  • Produced with clean technology under FSSC22000 quality systems

At Barentz we are enthusiastic about this innovative natural ingredient, and proud to have the high-quality quinoa ingredients from GreenFood50® in our portfolio. For more information on GreenFood50’s products please contact your local Barentz representative.

A tough plant to feed the world

Quinoa is the common name for Chenopodium quinoa of the flowering plant family Amaranthaceae. Since it is a very tough plant, that can thrive in harsh environments, on poor quality soil and at high altitudes, quinoa is a promising key ingredient when it comes to feeding the growing world population.

In February 2017 there was a break- through in the quinoa breeding research and an international team of scientists, in which the team from Wageningen University & Research played a key role, determined the complete DNA sequence of quinoa. With this knowledge it will be possible to optimize the plant’s genome and make it an even more stable plant, preparing it for widespread, commercial use. The gene producing the bitter tasting saponin, a chemical compound in the quinoa seed, has also been found and more varieties of the quinoa plant could now be modified to become saponin free. WUR has already developed four quinoa varieties without bitter taste since the 1990s. WUR has already developed four quinoa varieties without bitter substances since the 1990s, and these saponin free varieties are used in the quinoa ingredients of GreenFood50®.

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