Vegetarian and vegan food solutions in focus

Vegetarian and vegan food solutions in focus

It is Barentz’ 65-year anniversary!

In our previous newsletter, we wrote about how the business started on a small scale in 1953 and how we, slowly in the beginning and during the last decennium quite rapidly, grew into the international company we are today. Lately Barentz has also set foot in Latin America, a new continent for us to conquer, creating joint ventures with two well-established distributors, Deltagen Group with offices in six countries, and Tovani Benzaquen Ingredients in Brazil. We have also started up the production at our newly built Vitablend plant in the US. From here we will be sourcing our popular antioxidant blends for the Americas.

In this edition of the newsletter vegetarian and vegan is in focus. The demand for meat analogues has increased drastically the last decade, and our food analysts have acquired deep insights into the special requirements in this sector. We can offer proteins from many alternative vegetarian sources, we can add taste and colour, binding agents and fortification, all in line with the claims you want to make for your product. We also take a special look at Roquette’s interesting pea protein Nutralys, a great vegetarian choice in sports nutrition.

Gluten-Free is another trend this year. Our supplier Newly Weds Foods just opened a new plant in UK offering a complete Gluten-Free coating system, which you can read about. You will find several other interesting new products, but let me mention the rich article about Barentz Middle East that has started sourcing high quality liquorice extracts from Iran, the no 1 liquorice manufacturer in the world!

Geert Ingelbert
Vice-President Barentz Food & Nutrition

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