Add meat flavour to vegetarian food with dark yeast

Add meat flavour to vegetarian food with dark yeast

Although many consumers resort to a meat-less or meat-reduced diet they do not necessarily want to give up on the ‘meat taste’. Ohly’s Dark Yeast products add color and flavour and work just as well in plant-based meat-substitutes, e.g. veggie burgers and spreads, as in meat-based products.

Dark yeast extracts owe their colour and flavour to a natural browning reaction, ‘Maillard Reaction’, between reducing sugars and amino acids, resulting in the formation of the brown colour and roasted flavours we know from baking bread or roasting meat. Ohly’s range of Dark Yeast products are ideal for application in sauces and ready meals, as well as for processed meat or meat-substitutes, to impart or enhance brown colour and roasty/meaty flavour notes.

Ohly® dark yeast product

Ohly® KTD: “The Allrounder” is a low sodium yeast extract powder with a robust, brown and roasted character. KTD can be used in savoury products such as beef, poultry and pork, vegetarian patties, sauces and seasonings, where it imparts brown, roasted and scorched notes that remind of flame seared meat.

Ohly® KTDD: A “darker” brother of Ohly® KTD in colour and flavour to achieve an even deeper overall impact than KTD.

Ohly® BFT: Low sodium yeast extract powder that enhances roasted meat flavour and umami taste. It works well with poultry, pork or beef based recipes, such as sauces and gravies, as well as dry seasonings and seasoning compounds. Ideally suited for vegan and vegetarian dishes to impart a meat-like flavour sensation and dark colour, it also contributes to umami taste and the overall savoury flavour impression.

Ohly® Flav-R-Dark MD: A very versatile salt containing (30-35% NaCl) medium dark yeast extract from baker´s yeast which provides a brothy and pleasant basic meat taste with some soy notes in the background. Can be universally used in any kind of savoury applications. Ideally suited for vegetable based meat substitutes.

Yeast extracts in non-savoury

Interestingly, more and more non-savoury products are being launched that show “yeast extract” on their label. Examples are coffee and cacao based products such as hot beverages, confectionery or desserts & ice cream. In these products dark yeast extracts may contribute dark, roasted and bitter notes thereby creating a richer and more intense flavour sensation.

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