Fight against coronavirus continues

Fight against coronavirus continues

We have decided to move our production, management and maintenance in two shifts. Our goal is to prevent coronavirus from spreading, and ensure the continuity of our business operations.

We aim to start working in shifts during week 16. There will be no increase in staff – only working hours will change. Between the shifts will be a one hour break for cleaning all shared facilities. Reception and dispatch will run only in day-shift.

The break between shifts will cause shortening of actual working time. This affects dispatching. Working overtime to increase production is limited. Also, production made during the second shift will not be ready for delivery first thing in the morning.

For these reasons express deliveries are out of option, and deliveries can be anticipated to take a day longer.

Working in 2 shifts is only temporary. You will be informed when the situation will allow us to return to our normal schedule.

Thank you all for taking a positive outlook in this temporary change, as we’re striving against coronavirus and doing our best with managing the production.

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