MP-Maustepalvelu Oy:s preparation for coronavirus

MP-Maustepalvelu Oy:s preparation for coronavirus

Dear Partner, 

MP-Maustepalvelu Oy:s preparation for coronavirus COVID-19. 

We have prepared by increasing our stock level for example chinese raw materials. We do not expect raw material shortage in near future. If situation continues for a long time we use if possible alternative supplier sources. At the moment suppliers in China have started production gradually. We may expect delays in transportation due to restrcitions in different areas in China. Main ports in China have started to be congested due to lack of transportation capasity. At the moment there is worldwide shortage of sea containers, which may cause delays. There is also less alternatives for air freight due to cancellation of flights. We follow this situation closely and update if changes. 

We import only few products from Italy. At the moment stock level of these raw materials is sufficient. We do not import any products from Japan our South-Korea. 

We would also like to share that raw materials, sourced should not pose any risk. Currently, there is no evidence supporting the transmission of the virus through product or packaging, due to poor survivability of these kind of viruses 

We have provided guidance to our employees 

  • emphasizing the importance of hand hygiene 
  • instructions for dealing with illness and when returning on travel 
  • the visitor policy has been tightened up 
  • we have given instructions for the drivers of incoming and outgoing freight. 

We monitor constantly quidelines of health authorities in Finland and act according to these quidelines. 


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