MSpice Bouillons

MSpice Bouillons

A rich and flavourful stock base is a cornerstone that is meant to give an impressive depth, body and mouthfeel to the dish. Bouillons are widely used in home kitchens, restaurants, food service and in the food industry. They can be used as taste boosters in all kinds of savoury products.

Maustepalvelu has developed a new, modern range of bouillons in powder form called MSpice Bouillons, that not only meet the general demands of a bouillon in the kitchen but also live up to most of today’s top consumer trends:

Allergen free: The raw materials are selected in a way that avoid all allergens

Vegan: All basic range products are suitable for vegan diet

Familiar raw materials: The bouillons are made with real and well-known spices and herbs
“Home-made” image: Non-natural ingredients and E-numbers are minimized

Low salt: All flavours are made with NuTek salt replacement

When it comes to the demands of different types of diets, MSpice Bouillons fit right into the majority of them: vegan, allergen-free and MSG-free. Moreover, the highly water-soluble powder form makes it easy and cost-effective to store, transfer and use.

Dry or wet application

There are two ways of using MSpice Bouillons. The highly water-soluble powder can be added straight to any dish base such as soups, stews, sauces or hamburger dough. Another way is to make liquid bouillon of the powder by adding hot water and using this stock just like any other traditional broth or stock.

Bouillons can be used in a wide range of vegan or non-vegan products including soups, sauces, ready meals, seasonings and stock cubes. For example, a vegan bouillon powder can be the perfect base for a meat substitute and the chicken bouillon, that despite its name contains no animal based product, is a perfect taste base for vegan nuggets.

MSpice Bouillons Basic Range
The MSpice Bouillons Basic Range consists of four different products:

Beef (vegan)
Deep and rich beef flavours, without any ingredients of animal origin. Easy to use as a flavour base for different kinds of meat substitutes and other products that need full-body taste.

Chicken (vegan)
Very rich, deep and natural chicken flavour, without any ingredients of animal origin. The stock base is perfectly balanced with tasty herbs and flavours.

White fish (vegan)
A bouillon with a white fish flavour combined with the typical herbs used in fish dishes, to be used as the building block in vegan or non-vegan products, with no ingredients of animal origin.

Complex and balanced mix of spices and flavours , to be used as a stock base for mild tasting vegetarian dishes.

Low salt and customized taste
If the right solution for your product is not found in these four product types, it is also possible to prepare a tailor-made product to suit your needs. Every product can also be made with even lower salt solutions and different touches to the tastes.


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