Opportunities for vegetarian and vegan products with Barentz

Opportunities for vegetarian and vegan products with Barentz

Opportunities for vegetarian and vegan products with Barentz

Barentz has been active in the meat analogue market for 10 years, and has acquired a vast understanding of the requirements and limitations within this product group. We dare to say that our know-how is far above average and that we understand the language of this specific industry very well. In our application lab, this extensive knowledge has been applied in the development of a wide range of meat analogue concepts.

Barentz can supply several components, single ingredients and blends, that are needed to produce vegetarian or vegan products.

Vegetable proteins, in powder form or as textured protein

  • Single proteins, such as soy and pea protein concentrates and isolates, for use as binders in different applications. Blends of different vegetable proteins can also be supplied.
  • Textured and fibrous vegetable proteins, available in several shapes and sizes, such as chunks, flakes, shreds and granulate, that will adjust the texture of a vegetarian or vegan product. Available from several protein sources, such as soy, wheat, and pea. Products available for both soy- and gluten-free products.

Functional binding systems

  • A wide range of blends that can be used to influence the firmness and juiciness in vegetarian or vegan concepts. They can be adapted to customer requirements: free from E-numbers, similar in appearance to chicken, fish, pork or beef, increased protein content, addition of vegetables etc.

Taste and colour

  • A wide range of spice blends, specifically designed for all types of vegetarian or vegan products, with meat like flavour, taste and colour.
  • Salt content of these blends can be managed by replacing salt with NuTek salt replacer in part to reduce the sodium content of your product, whilst maintaining the taste of salt.
  • Colouring agents can be incorporated into the spice blend, with or without E-number.

Other opportunities

  • Enrich your product with vegetable fibres and proteins, and make nutritional claims such as “rich in fibre” or “rich in protein”.
  • Increase the protein content of your product by adding vegetable proteins, from e.g. soy, pea, rice, wheat.
  • Fortification with tailor-made vitamin and mineral premixes from Vitablend to mimic the nutritional profile of meat.
  • Extend shelf life with clean label shelf life solutions.

Knowledge and innovation

Our ingredients come with knowledge. This knowledge we are also happy to offer our customers in the development of new, or in the improvement of existing, vegan or vegetarian products. In our application lab we develop the most suitable combination of ingredients to create the product you are aiming for.

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