Natural & functional vanillin solutions by Solvay

Natural & functional vanillin solutions by Solvay

Consumers world-wide express a strong preference for natural food and beverage ingredients, together with the transversal trend of health and wellness. These challenges have created a driving force of innovation in the entire food market. Vanilla is a classic and universal beloved taste, and many food manufacturers are creating new foods with a healthy image, relying on this savory. As the industry’s number one player in vanillin and natural vanillin Solvay anticipated this market trend and has expanded its European natural vanillin range together with an increased production capacity.

Rhovanil® Natural CW – 99.5% pure natural vanillin

Rhovanil® Natural CW is the market reference for vanillin for the whole food industry thanks to its numerous properties, its sweet and creamy scent of vanilla and its industrial know-how. It has the highest purity level in the market. It is derived using a patented bioconversion technology from non-GMO ferulic acid (from rice bran). This 99.5% pure natural vanillin aims
at markets with very strict purity requirements, such as China, while also meeting both European and international stringent regulations, including EU directive 1334/2008 and FDA 21CFR101.22 on “natural” labeling.

Vanifolia® – a natural and functional vanillin-based solution

In the last years, Solvay has developed a comprehensive range of Vanifolia® global natural vanillin-based solutions, built on its Rhovanil® Natural expertise. Vanifolia® is a natural and functional vanillin based-solution, from non-GMO rice botanical origin. It ensures unique benefits throughout optimized food functions and a genuine vanillin taste. This product range is globally eligible for “natural flavor” labeling, perfectly meeting the growing consumer trends on natural request, performance nutrition and food safety.

The latest Vanifolia® grades have been designed to address specific market needs such as one-on-one natural vanillin substitutes for synthetic vanillin across all segments and in formulations adapted to bakery, nutrition, chocolate and instant powder drink products. Furthermore, natural solutions offering effective masking properties have also become instrumental in nutrition, health and wellness applications with high contents of whey and pea protein.

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Vanillin is the main organoleptic molecule of the vanilla taste and is found naturally in genuine vanilla planifolia pods. While the content of such natural vanillin in the world’s annual harvest of vanilla pods accounts for less than 1 percent of the global consumption of vanillin, the actual demand for vanillin exceeds 19,000 tons per year and therefore has to rely on synthetic production but also on natural alternatives to vanilla beans.

About Solvay Aroma Performance

Designing vanillin-based solutions since 1884, Solvay Aroma Performance was the first to synthetize and produce the vanillin molecule on an industrial scale. Solvay is the only producer mastering in a single site the whole manufacturing chain – from raw material and Guaiacol to its historic flagship brands Rhovanil® and Rhodiarome®. The Aroma Performance Global business unit operates facilities in Saint-Fons (France), Baton Rouge (USA) and Zhenjiang (China).

From its three sites, Solvay Aroma Performance develops and produces vanillin-based functional solutions for the bakery, confectionary, food and beverage industries. Driven by innovation, Solvay Aroma Performance ensures the highest standards of purity, safety, eco-friendliness and security of supply to its customers. Its products offer exceptional properties for masking undesired off-notes and boosting the overall palate of final products to open new perspectives to others segments, such as high-protein, low-fat and low-sugar, as well as vitamin-rich nutrition.

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