NUTRALYS® pea protein – a powerful and clean protein to recover muscle mass

NUTRALYS® pea protein – a powerful and clean protein to recover muscle mass

An increased level of protein intake is particularly needed for physically active people, who are recommended a daily intake of 1 gram per kilogram of body weight per day (compared to 0.83g for sedentary people). Endurance or strength athletes require much higher amounts: up to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day.

Successful protein synthesis depends on the quality of the protein provided. Edible proteins are derived either from animal or from plant-based sources. Milk, eggs and meat are the popular animal-based sources that dominate protein choice worldwide; but the use of plant-based proteins, mainly from cereals, legumes or oil seeds, is delivering more and more relevant and innovative solutions.

Benefits on muscle mass and highly nutritious

The NUTRALYS® range of pea proteins provides people who practice sports with the perfect proteins to develop and recover muscle mass responsibly. In a nutshell: NUTRALYS® offers clinically-proven benefits on muscle mass, provides great nutrition, is a sustainable crop, is very safe and available in a wide range.

Roquette has developed different high-value protein specialties dedicated to specific sports nutrition products, such as powder mix drinks, protein bars, energy gels, etc.

High digestibility and source of arginine

As a protein, pea protein isolate can benefit from recently approved generic health claims, especially the contribution to growth in muscle mass and maintenance. NUTRALYS® pea protein also offers high digestibility and the richest of sources of arginine, at 8.7% per gram of protein. Arginine is an interesting amino acid for athletes for three main reasons: exogenous arginine can promote growth hormone release; it is involved in creatine synthesis; and it is a precursor of nitric oxide synthesis.

NUTRALYS® pea protein is also a good source of branched chain amino acids and glutamine, both of which are of particular interest for sports performance. However, as a pulse, it is poor in sulphur-containing amino acids such as cysteine and methionine, but rich in lysine – unlike cereal-based proteins. An adequate combination of pea and wheat or rice proteins creates a complete amino acid profile, reaching a 100% PDCAAS.

Sustainable and non-allergen

Thanks to both a low initial level in the pea crop and a unique extraction process, NUTRALYS® pea protein benefits from a very low amount of the anti-nutritional factors responsible for digestive discomfort. The yellow pea is excluded from the EU allergen list, unlike soy, milk, eggs, etc. It is also a sustainable protein source. In fact, as a legume it is able to harvest its own atmospheric nitrogen, thus eliminating the need for nitrogen fertilizers. In addition, being a spring crop, the yellow pea also needs less water to grow.

Vanilla Pea Protein Shake

One of Roquette’s latest concepts prepared with the NUTRALYS®S85Plus pea protein is a smooth Ready-to-drink Vanilla Protein Shake. Combined in a sweet beverage, it is ideal for recovery needs.

Nutralys®S85Plus offers a favourable amino acid score of 95%. It develops much less viscosity than other pea proteins, while its minimal “green” taste allows a higher protein incorporation rate. As a result it makes a wonderful combination with UHT milk for example.

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