Gluten-Free coating systems from Newly Weds Foods

Gluten-Free coating systems from Newly Weds Foods

Newly Weds Foods, a leader in the manufacturing of food coating systems, has opened a dedicated Gluten-Free plant on the grounds of its current site in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK, as a response to the growing demand for Gluten-Free products. The state of the art facility has capabilities to produce Gluten-Free breadcrumbs and blendings, for complete Gluten-Free food coating system solutions. The facility will be baking individual tinned loaves of Gluten-Free bread, unlike any others currently available in the market.

Gluten-Free coating systems

The new facility will be producing a range of Gluten-Free products including predust and batter components that are complementary to crumbs. This offers processors a complete coating system with the desired adhesion, texture and taste. It was important when designing these systems to maintain the preferred organoleptic attributes that consumers expect from a coated product.

Standard coatings, seasonings and functionals

Newly Weds Foods, founded in 1932, is recognized as the premier global purveyor of customized breadcrumbs & batters, seasonings and functional ingredients.

In the coatings portfolio you will find a wide range of standard and bespoke crumbs, from traditional breadcrumb, to tin baked loaves and premium Japanese breadcrumbs. The coatings portfolio also includes a wide range of batters and breaders. The Gluten-Free range is the latest addition to their coatings offer.

The seasonings category encompasses a comprehensive range of dry blended ingredients, from bouillons, to marinades and meat seasonings for products such as sausages, burgers and meatballs.

The third pillar is functional ingredients, such as functional brines, binders, fillers, yield improvers, texture enhancers and shelf life extenders.

If you are interested in Newly Wed Foods’ products contact your local Barentz distributor for further information.

The trend towards Gluten-Free in numbers

Last year there were globally, 19,033 new product launches claiming to be Gluten-Free across the categories bakery, ready meals, snacks, sauces, meat, fish & egg. The most active countries in 2017 were the UK with 1,607 products followed by Spain, Italy and Germany. Across Western Europe, Free From sales are up 11.5% on the previous year.

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